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  Mission Statement  

We, the faculty and staff of Flomaton Elementary School, believe that we have a sacred obligation to provide an educational environment conducive to the development of our students so they may be able to achieve success in our complex and ever-changing society. We believe that each student is a unique individual that should be respected in his or her quest for self-identity and dignity. We believe in the integrity and worth of each individual. We strive to encourage our students to become fruitful and productive members of society.


Our faculty believes that our basic responsibility is to provide varied experiences suitable for the development of skills, attitudes, and understandings. We strive to help students become mature individuals by teaching them to weigh alternatives and make intelligent choices in life.


Our faculty measures success by the progress of each student toward achieving his or her maximum potential. We strive to stimulate the spirit of inquiry, the gaining of knowledge, and understanding, the formulation of worthy goals, and a mutual respect for the rights of others. We seek to guide, motivate, and instruct our students based upon their needs, abilities, and interests. We forever subscribe to the ideas of fairness, honesty, and caring; and, we constantly attempt to instill these characteristics into the hearts and minds of our students.

  About The School  

School Motto



As Hurricanes, we are RESPECTFUL to others, our school, and ourselves, RESPONSIBLE for our actions, and READY to learn. Go Canes Go!